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CVI full feature teststand code

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Does anyone know which callback in the NI provided CVI full feature operator interface for TestStand does it handle to make the Test UUT and Single Pass buttons invisible when the sequence file is closed (using File>Close Sequence File in TestStand).

These buttons are enabled again when sequence file is loaded. I am able to find how the buttons are enabled on the load but cannot find any callback that makes the buttons invisible when all the opened sequence files are closed.

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The visibility of the buttons is actually controlled by the TestStand ActiveX objects that they are connected to. In the GetActiveXControlHandles, RegisterActiveXEventCallbacks, and ConnectTestStandControls functions, you can see where the ActiveX controls configured and the CVI controls are then connected to them. Once they are connected, they are controlled by TestStand, and this is what changes things like visibility and the label.


tsErrChk( TSUI_SequenceFileViewMgrConnectCommand(gMainWindow.sequenceFileViewMgr, &errorInfo, gMainWindow.entryPoint1Button, TSUIConst_CommandKind_ExecutionEntryPoints_Set, 0, TSUIConst_CommandConnection_NoOptions, NULL));


In what scenario do you need to manually control the visibility of these controls?

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In my case I am adding a button on filetab and execution tab. If I make the control ActiveX like the TestUUT and Single Pass buttons then am unable to find a property to change and set the button background color (ActiveX buttons do border color and font colors). Thanks for the explanation, I do understand and can do workaround for my controls now.


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