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why my VI shows tunnel missing assignment?

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I need to control two relays, if one open, then the other closed. This is decided by the numberic input is higher than 47 or not. Then, i hope if click stop button, all the setting to the two relays can reset to initial status.


However, my VI shows tunnel missing assignment. Does anyone know why?

Thank you.

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Inside your case structure, the boolean wire goes to two different tunnels.  Look in the True case and you'll see it goes to a second tunnel.  Not the tunnel that is wired in the true case and to the stop conditional terminal.


If you click on the broken run arrow and look at the list of errors, pick the error and click Show Error.  It will highlight the bad tunnel, and even switch to the case that is causing the problem.  (Or one of the cases causing the problem if there is more than one case missing a wire,)



Crossrulz is right about the tunnel being hidden.  One of the first things I did with your VI is click Clean Block Diagram which I do whenever I see messy wiring in a VI I download.  That uncovers the bad tunnel.

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Because you have a tunnel hidden that is not properly wired up and not set to use the default.  From the error window, double click the error and it will should you the tunnel.

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Thank you for this helpful suggestion. There is a tunnel hidden. Smiley Happy

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Using the "Distribute Items by vertical centers" will also expose hidden tunnels



Distribute items by vertical centers.png

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