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why does my executable does not work on a different computer?

Hi there,
I recently tried to create an executable with the application builder and it worked so far on my computer.
But as soon as i tried to run it on a different machine it doesn't work out any more. I think the problem is that i do an audio recording from my microphone in the main VI which i had to specify for MY soundcard on my computer in the first place (using the standard audio aquisition funktion of labview). But of course on a different computer is a different soundcard, which might be the reason the executable did not work.
I appreciate any help to solve this problem.
greetings from Munich,
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Hi Ben2K

is your application not executeable? Is there a broken arrow? Which LV Version do you use?


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Hi Mike,
well my application is executable on my computer and it is also executable at any other computer,
but if i start the Program on another computer the data aquisition simply doesn't start.
There is no borken arrow and no error messages: when i klick on the start arrow the program finishes in less than a second without giving me any output. normaly it should record 1 second of microphone data and show it on a graph. (which works perfectly on my computer)
My LV version is 8.2 (also have the labview runtime engine 8.2 on the other computer running)
It sounds logical to me that it does not start, because a different computer has a different microphone source, and if you use the standard audio aquisition funktion of labview you have to select a device from a "suggestion list", for example "Soundblaster Live! 24-bit", which i did, when i programmed the VI in the first place.
hope this piece of information helps you to help me ...
greets from Munich,
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Hi Ben2K

i think the problem is like you has described, the selected sound device is not available on the other pc. Part from my LabVIEW Help:

"In general, most users should select the default value of 0. This value is ignored on Mac OS. The value ranges from 0 to n–1, where n is the number of input devices on the computer. You can use the Call Library Function Node to call Windows API functions to query the number of input or output devices on the computer and the capacity of each device. "

To solve the problem you should select the device at runtime.


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