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why are some properties in tab->advanced disabled?

I have a poblem. In the beginning of a project I colored a tab container a particular color (all the same). just with the brush tool. Now I cannot give it another color anymore, by no means. If I create a new tab I can color it again and again. Also in my original tab some things are disabled, like multi colors and tab location. Why are they disabled? I have the impression it's related to my problem. Anyone a clue (I'm using 7.1.1)
Thanks, Mark
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Can you attach a simple VI containing only the offending tab control?

(If the multicolor option is disabled, it typically means that you were using the tab control from the system palette. Could that be it?)

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thanks for reply. I attached the tab that is unwilling to change color. I must confess I never heard of a system palette, but I think this is something of LabVIEW 8? As I said I'm (still) using 7.1.1.
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Your tab control is from the dialog palette. All of these controls are system controls. That means that the colors are set by the Windows Properties>Display Properties. Opne the on-line help and read the topic dialog box>controls. If you want a tab control that you color yourself, use the control on the Containers palette.
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Aha! I never new there was a difference if I select a tab from one menu or another. I'm not a regular LabVIEW programmer and I guess in the beginning of this project I forgot where the tab container was located and luckily I found one somewhere, Is there a way to see whether objects are choosen from the dialog menu or another? And it also explains why it looks differently on the PC which connects to the experiment!

Many thanks! Mark

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Whouw, a new world opens for me. Changed some more things to system objects. Look much better. Are there any disadvantages in using the more system objects over LabVIEW objects?


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The biggest disadvantage is that someone can choose a pretty horrible color scheme in windows and your front panel will reflect that change. Since the same color scheme will appear for all of the other windows dialogs, I figure that if they can accept that, then I'm not going to worry too much.
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