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How to use AI Read one in Labview8.0

i have problem to use AI read one in labview8.0 student edition
thank you
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It would really help if you could provide a few more details. Like maybe the nature of the problem.Smiley Wink
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i don't have AI.llb function in the labview 8.0 student edition
becuase i want to use in pid controller
thank you
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That function is part of an older hardware driver called traditional DAQ. It can be downloaded from here. First though, you need to check if your DAQ board is supported with traditional DAQ, the newer DAQmx, or both. You can find that information here.
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thank you very much Smiley Happy
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I've been trying to use AI.LLB, in order to open an old project. However, I have the Labview 7.1 and 8, and the only DAQ I can find/download/install is the DAQ-mx 830, 750, 693 which don't have AI.LLB.

I'm also trying to use AI Read One
Isn't it supposed to be in C:\Programme\National Instruments\LabVIEW x\vi.lib\DAQ\AI.LLB ?

I look forward to seeing some replies soon



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I don't know where you tried to find the traditional DAQ drivers but they are all listed here and the latest is 7.4.4. The 6.9.3 version is not DAQmx and is a pretty old version of traditional DAQ but if you installed that, the library should be there.
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Hi !

Downloading the Traditionnal DAQ atm 😄

Thank you a lot, I hope this is going to work !!!


Well to complete my message (too hurried to say thx ......)
I was trying to find by myself first instead of asking around.... I may haven't looked very well enough ....

About the 6.9.3, well, I installed it, and the libray wasn't included .... I don't know why .... Well, let's see if what I am downloading is going to work.


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Perfectly working with the 7.4.4

Thx a lot !

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I have a similar problem, except that I'm updating old traditional DAQ code to run in DAQmx.  What would the appropriate replacement VIs be in DAQmx for reading and writing one sample?  Also, do I need to setup tasks for each channel in MAX to do so or can I have one task handle all channels?

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