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using forward kinematics parameters in reverse but still not working!??


I want to basically move my arm having 3 revolute joints. however I was getting errors saying the position annot be converged to steps specified! as everybody on the forum i have read is getting!

So to ensure that I am giving correct position I created my Forward VI and than gave he ouput of that to nput of my reverse VI!

However forward is working correctly lets say if you give 10,12,3 in joint position it will work. feeding back the points X,Y,Z we are getting from forward diagram into reverse block diagram its not giving any ouput.. I cannot find any reason. Can you please help me out!



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You are using the x,y,z values from your forward kinematics but specifing 0,0,0 for your angles. The Create Transform from translation uses an identity rotation matrix.


Therefore when inverse kinematics tries to converge to a solution it fails to achieve all the translation and rotation variables. To expand on the suggestion I mentioned in your other thread, the inverse kinematics VI takes a input called mask. Use a constant mask of [1,1,1,0,0,0] and it will ignore your angles. With your arm geometry that should then work.

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Please continue in your original message thread.

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