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useful fpsane.cpp debugging technique



I just had the internal error "fpsane.ccp", line 367, and like people in other posts have said, the way to fix the error is to delete something from the VI and recreate it (because it is corrupt).  Two things I learned from fixing this problem that I didn't see in other posts were:


1) The problem isnt necessarily on the front panel with this error (deceptive since its got fp in the name).

2) The fastest way to find the corrupted piece of code is to highlight things and hit control-c.  If the highlighted portion is corrupt, Labview will crash.  Otherwise, nothing will happen.  You can determine if the problem is on the front panel or block diagram very quickly by going to either and hitting control-a to highlight everything.  Once you figure out if the problem is on the fp or bd, you can start systematically highlighting and copying things until you narrow it down to the particular corrupt module.  Once again, you can narrow things down fast by highlighting particular loops or case structures to see if the problem is anywhere within them.  When you find the problem, just delete it and recreate it and you should be good to go.



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