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why an Agilent 34401 VISA example can not show the measurement result?

I tried to run an example VI from Agilent 34401 library thru VISA programming interface, Agilent 34401 Read Single, to simply test the USB connectivity.

Since I don't have the meter yet, I compiled this sample (.EXE) and send the code to a friend who has the meter and run.


When the windows launches, it seemed succesfully located the device, it's showing something like "USB 0::2391::1543::MY47007343::0::INSTR" in the VISA resource name with the USB cable connected.


But next,  no matter what I choose from function, DC, AC, resistance, I couldn't get any result showing in "Mesurement" indicator which suppose to show whatever the result. Although the MMC itself showing digits on its own panel.


Am I missing something here?

34401 llb is not compiled into the exe?

Or there is some hidden switch on the device to somehow tell the interface it's going to output itself to the VI?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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From what I understand, all of this is being done on your friend's computer which has an Agilent 34401 attached to it, and you are using the Project Style Driver found at  Please correct me if I am understanding this incorrectly.


I do have a few questions though. Are you receiving any error's while running the program? Other than the measurement not showing on the front panel, are there any other issues running the program? Does your friend have LabVIEW, and if so, would it be possible to get him to run the program from within LabVIEW rather than from a compiled executable?


Eric K

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

Message Edited by Eric K on 02-20-2009 08:14 AM
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Hi, Eric


Sorry for the late reply...

Actually the scenario is, I have LabView installed, but don't have Agilent, (not yet). My friend's computer has Agilent, but no LabView, Yet he doesn't know app development. And we are thousands miles apart. What I was trying to do is, to setup a simple app, compile it as an installer, give him only executable that he can run. (of course, he has to install the RTE, I can include that in Installer builder).

Yes, I downloaded the Project Style Driver from

Or rmaybe the project style driver doesn't fit this all?




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Did you include the NI-VISA runtime in the installer? This is a requirement. Nice to install for testing purposes, is MAX.
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Oh, my... I didn't, that should be it. I will test it today. THX!

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