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text to excel and inserting graph issue?

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I have a program that saves all data to a .csv file but is opened in excel.  Everything works fine except when I try to import a graph image using the report generation toolkit.  It worked fine when I just tried it on a dummy .csv file but when I copy the actual test results to the same dummy file it will not work stating there is a conflict with the way the results are imported but I continue anyway.

I am guessing it is the way excel opens and imports the data (comma,tab delimited etc) automatically when the first file was setup on the computers.


I hope this is not too vague but I am guessing I may have to make a seperate .jpg file for each graph I want with the same name.


Attached is a file I would like to add a graph to using the export graph image invoke node.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I got it working by using the save before I disposed of the report.  Did not need to do that on the dummy file so i am still wondering where the disconnect is but oh well, its working...

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