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I am new to Labview and I'm trying plot voltage along with my power meter. I'm a bit confused because I see current but my power meter is in nW. I'm trying to

i. Interface the voltage controller to labview.I want to be able to tune the voltage using the computer

ii. Interface the detector to Labview (read the intensity value in the labview window)

iii. Plot the phase retardance variation in computer.


For the last part I think I should be able to write a subroutine in labview where it takes the intensity value from the detector and the program should generate the phase retardance value on screen and also show you the plot as a function of voltage.


Any help is much appreciated. I've attached my current VI here.


Best Regards

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When you got your power meter it should have given you a conversion factor to go from current to nW.  That way you can convert the measured values.  e.g. 10mA/nW


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- Bjorn -

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Thanks for the response!


FYI. I am using LabView 8.6.

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Hello again.  I am currently updating my .vi so here is my most recent.  

I'll try to talk through what I've done so far. I set up my DAQ board to give me my voltage and power.  From there I've built an XY graph.  I want to do retardance vs Voltage so I want to use voltage up to 5V and calculate for my retardance.  My equation is dependent on my power and I haven't been able to get it to work correctly.  I want to insert the formula subroutine with the following equation. 2*acos(I/Io). I is intensity/power and Io is maximum intensity/power.  So far I only see voltage.


Any help is much appreciated!

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