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string constant carriage return (\r)

I have checked the forum for similar questions, but none addresses what I am trying to find.
Does anyone know of a way to put a \r (carriage return character) into a string constant and have the CR hex value be embedded into the string?
So far, the only way that I have been able to do this is by using the "Concatenate String" VI and putting a CR from the string pallete between my two strings.
It would be much easier if I could just make a string constant terminal have the CR in it.
Any ideas are appreciated.
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I may be confised but you can just drop a string constant right-click on it and select '\' codes display anbd enter the \r in it.  If you then want the hex ciew righ-click and select hex view.  The hex value is 0D so you could have just started there also.
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Okay, this is frustrating.

I would swear that the last time that I tried using a string constant with a CR in it for input to column headers in a List Box that it wouldn't work.

Now, the simple way of doing it is working as expected.



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