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Losing data while saving it to a file

I am acquiring data from a load cell and saving it to a file. But, when I visualize the data from the saved file, I can see that some data is missing from what I could visualize while the application was running. I am using queues to transfer data from acquisition to saving, but I am still missing some data. I have tried modifying the frequency at which data is acquired, but I still miss out on some data in the saved file. It seems to me that there are two different frquencies, one to acquire data and the other one to save it to a file. Is this possible? How can I fix this? The attached file show the difference between acquired and saved data.
Thanks very much for your help!
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Post your VI or a picture of your Block diagram so that we can suggest better



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Here is my VI. Thank you for your help!
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I am confused by your consumer loop.  Why are you changing the array to a cluster and then only looking at 8 values?
I can't run the example but it looks like you acquire 100 points but then only save 8 at a time.  If you want to save the entire array I would suggest using array to spreadsheet sting rather than your cluster work there.  That way you can take the entire array of data, which I assume is 100 points and save it all to file.
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