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stopping a subpanel vi

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I have a program consisting of a main vi that calls one of three different subpanels depending on an entered number. I can exit the subpanel just fine and proceed to use a different one with a different number, but I also want to stop the whole program with one button. I can use a global variable with a while loop, but I have an event structure with a timout of 10 mimutes that I can't change. How do I trigger the event structure from the top level vi?


I have attached a snippet (I hope!) that shows what I want to do. I can't post the real code. The code as written stops, waiting on input from the "exit" button. I want to be able to use the "stop" button in the while loop to trigger the event structure. I can't get a global to do this.



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Idea only.




While evaluating my code please have in mind that I am a LV novice. Therefore sometimes my code might violate some coding rules that I have to learn about myself. But how else could I do that... 🙂

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Giedrius.S wrote:

Idea only.






You may want to pull that image down before Ed Dickens (Author of "Using teh Stop Function to stop your application in LabVIEW is a lot like using a tree to stop your car....") sees it.


Re: how to stop...


I suggset youread Ton's Nugget on Dynamic Event registration. Dynamic Event Registration lets you st-up an event in one VI that get triggered by a control in anothe VI. It take a little learning but once you get used to it, you'll like it.



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This is how I do it: I use button labelled stop in the VI used in the subpanel (your exit case when the value change) and in the main application I call the following code to stop the subpanel VI.




stop sub-panel VI.png

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This would work too. Thanks for the input!



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