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step response

I am tryiing to find a step response of a valve and am not sure where to start from. I need a square wave generator and need to acquire the flow data from the flow meter. But I have no idea how to put together in a vi. I need like a data storage, I guess so I can analyse. Can someone help? I am using labview 6i and 6024E card.
How can I continuously store flow data and time in msec?.
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I would think any of the "prefab" Datalogging/charting vi's should get you started.   Are you intending for Labview to supply the square wave to drive your solenoid, or from a separate supply?  If you're using a separate supply, it should be a snap to just sample that like any other channel.  You can then compare the lag time of the air flow to the square wave.  I don't imagine you're doing very high repetition rates with the valve...perhaps on the order of seconds?
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I am using labview to generate a square wave. Is there any builtin datalogger vi which I can use to store my square wave and flow datas? I can then use those data to find the step response.  I am expecting the response to be in msec.




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There are several built in functions. Look at the File I/O palette at Write to Spreadsheet File and Write LabVIEW Measurement File. There's some functions on the Waveform>Waveform File I/O palette. There are others as well. You just have to open the example finder to see how some of them are used.
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