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speed of pc


I've got a problem with the speed of my computer, its a 512MB ram 1.3Ghz computer.. And when i wire a wire it takes a minut to draw the line..
The platfrom i'm working on is windows 2000

How can I make programming faster? Once the program runs there's no problem..

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Hello Marten,

I would doubt the problem is due to hardware. The specs you have given are ok enough (though not stellar). You should definitely not need 1minute to draw a wire!!

Another setting you could check is the video RAM / graphics card specs of your PC. If you do not have a card with dedicated VRAM, your graphics chip is sharing system RAM (of which you have 512MB). Somewhere in the BIOS there will be an option to set how much system RAM can be shared for video purposes. This is typically like 16MB to 128MB. Set this as high as you are allowed to.

If you still see the slow linedraw, I would conclude something wrong with either the LV installation or the windows installation or the graphics driver installation.

Is drawing the wire the only thing that appears slow?

Or are other LV functions also slow?

How about non-LV or non-NI programs, do they work fast?


Gurdas Sandhu, Ph.D.
ORISE Research Fellow at US EPA
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Other things to consider: Does this happen on any VI, or a specific VI? If it's the latter, more than likely you have a corrupt VI.
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There are two common causes for this kind of slow-down:
  1. Your VI is huge.  Every time you drop something on a block diagram, it is an N-squared algorithm to check all the overlaps and draw it correctly.  With a slower machine, this becomes more important.
  2. Your graphics drivers are not optimal.  LabVIEW, being a graphics language, is very dependent on the graphics driver.  With an older operating system, it would be very easy to get a driver which does not work well.
Are you using LabVIEW 8.0 or later?  There are some issues that occassionally occur when using the project which would cause such a thing.  This forum has threads on this subject if you do a search.

Good luck.  Keep us posted with your progress.

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