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resources bug/error, how to fix?

resources error.png


hi, I've been searching, but couldnt find anything similar with my error. After executing my VI few times, somehow the resource device becomes duplicated. I cant use this duplicated resources to start my VI.


I had this issue with LV 2010, and I have just installed LV 2013 (evaluation) to check if this problem still exists. For both versions, the problem is there.




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It is not clear from the picture but it seems you are opening the ressource at each iteration of the while loop. You should open it once before the while loop and close it only after the while loop is stopped. Your ressource should also be configured only once before the while loop.



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Hi ben,


I'm using while loop because I need to put event stucture. And I always have the task closed when my event stucture done. So, I dont really think thats the issue?


For example if I'm trying to generate signal based on event, I need to put them inside while loop, isnt it?


timing card.png


the local variable (which represented as reference) is actually that clock indicator (inside event structure).

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You should setup once before the while loop and close once after the while loop.  This makes sure you have the resource during the extent of your application.

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hi all, thanks for responses.


So, how should I change my event? I should take out my init&close session out of the event? or how should I do it properly?  Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough to find examples to work with multi pxie devices with events. An example of how to do it would be very appreciated.


regards from Berlin,


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I just did some trial and I think I found the bottleneck.


When running a VI, if I click Abort Execution (Red button on top) would mean my VI is not properly executed until the end. This would create the duplicates. Is it normal? I mean, not everyone are pro LV programmer who can ensure their code should execute nicely from the start to the end. Sometimes we need to click the abort button.




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