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repetitive data logged

I'm trying to make a program that reads out a couple analog signals and stores it in a tdms file. I'm having the problem that i get repedeately the same analog reading for different time-points. how can i solve this?

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Please do not maximize your front panels and diagram to the screen!!!!


It is not guaranteed that every reading is different and it is not clear what you want. Do you only want to save data if it is different from the previous reading? Here's one possibility:





Your scale converter subVI is crazy complicated for what it does. Here's one possible alternative (having the array constants with four elements will automatically only use the first four elements of the input array):




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Thanks for the reply! I'm quite new to Labview, so lots to learn so to say!


I have a couple questions regarding your message:

- what do you mean by 'Please do not maximize your front panels and diagram to the screen!!!!'?

- To clarify my problem: at this moment, I can sample with a maximum sample rate of ±3hz. everything above that will give the same value for multiple timestamps (see image attached)

-Thanks for the advice on the scale converter. I will definitely implement it! 


measuring at ± 3hz:



measuring with higher sample rate:


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