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How can I export LVM file that X_value is sync to the Input signal time (in second) ?

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I tried to convert my wav file to lvm file to use it as Input signal (My Input is Music 44100Hz 40sec) for my circuit in Multisim14.1. In the method of converting file from wav to lvm by using my own VI everything is looking good. However when I use Transient Analysis to see the signal in my multisim I found out that 1 Loop of my signal is equal to my Samples of X-Value(1764000 steps) or 1764000 second (21 days) while my wav file is just length 40 second. Now I think that I have to edit my X-Value to making it match with Input Signal duration but when I thinking about edit 1 column with a million row of parameters. In my opinion I will not do it for sure.So my question is Is there any method that I can export LVM file that X_value is sync to the Input signal time or atleast better than method that I mention above?

FYI: I tried to search from NI forum and other Labview forum already. but it doesn't help me much.





 here's my file(LVM file,VI,Music signal file, multisim14.1 file) :


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Hi Poom,


try to get rid of this coercion dot in the center of your image. most likely it is the source of your problem...


(I cannot open your VI due to the LabVIEW version you use. Next time I would appreciate when you downconvert your VI to an oder LabVIEW version. I prefer LV2019.)

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Thanks for your help GerdW! It's working!

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