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I know how to go to MSCONFIG and de-select an item. when I do that, my version of win XP (deployed by my company) gives me a message saying that startup items have changed and I should re-apply original settings. Somehow I cannot get rid of DataFinder. It does not even have an option to un-install in the add/remove in the control panel. Does anyone have any idea how I could get rid of it for good? Seems to be quite without value for me and seems to be do things in the background. Is it part of LabVIEW? If I did a reinstall of LabVIEW could I have elected to not intsall it in the first place? Usually I do a "typical" instal. This seems to have been a problem for last few verions and 2012.

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Its not under Control panel/Add Remove/National Instruments Software? For my 2011 install on XP it shows up.



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There are two items called DaataFinder Toolkit in my add/remove. It was not real clear to me if the DataFinder in the system tray is the same as the "Toolkit". If it is a "toolkit" I can use when and how I wish, I would keep it. If it is what is responsible for the system tray icon, then I would get rid of it. Can you confirm one way or the other?

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The NI DataFinder helps you to search in and for your measurement data. It indexes the properties, like group name, channel name, channel maximum, ..., which are stored with your measurement signals, e.g. in tdm or tdms files, and allows you to search for these properties very quickly.


The DataFinder you see in the system tray is called My DataFinder. It is installed on your computer by DIAdem or the DataFinder Toolkit.


The background activity you noticed, is either when the DataFinder updates its index or when files are created or changed in one of the DataFinder´s search areas. Search areas are those folders on your hard disk which are indexed by the DataFinder, the default is "My Documents".


If you really want to remove the DataFinder you will have to uninstall the two DataFinder Toolkit versions you mentioned. If you have also DIAdem installed, you will have to uninstall DIAdem, too.

If you just want to stop the DataFinder to start automatically, you can follow these steps: (copied from


  • Press and hold the WINDOWS key and then press "R"
  • A dialog will pop up. In this dialog, type "msconfig" and then click the "OK" button
  • The MicroSoft System Configuration Utility dialog will appear on your screen
  • Select the "Startup" tab
  • Scroll until you find the "DataFinder" entry and uncheck the box in front of the DataFinder text
  • Click "OK"
  • The System Configuration tool will ask you to restart Windows. Make sure all your work in other applications is saved and select "Restart"
  • Done

I hope this answers your questions and helps you to solve your problem.


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I wish NI would make it easier to install just what we need / want. If you use typical install you get all these wizards, measurement studio, LabWindows CVI, Datafinder and on and on where all I want is LabVIEW and FPGA module.

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Thanks Eva

But as I said in my original post, changes in my "Startup" Tab cause a warning to pop-up when I restart telling me to turn it back on. I do not know if this is the usual behavior. Somehow I do not recall having that problem before so maybe I should check out some details on my version of XP (which is always being tweaked by our IT people).



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Although using msconfig is the recommended way to remove the DataFinder from autostart, you can try to edit the registry directly and remove the DataFinder key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run.

I did it several times on my XP machine and never got any warnings.



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Autoruns allows you to delete the entry without going into the registry, yourself:


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