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How to get composite label of a control inside a cluster



I am trying to get the "composite label" of a control that is inside a cluster.


In the attached vi, I have two clusters. The corresponding controls inside the clusters have the same labels. If I extract the labels from these corresponding controls in clusters 1 and 2, I get the same string.


I could give unique names to all the controls in all the clusters, but this is becoming cumbersome, if one has more than two clusters containing the same types of controls.


In the event structure, LabVIEW uses composite label names to refer to the individual controls inside the clusters, e.g., "Cluster 2.Boolean". I was wondering whether there exists a way to obtain these "composite labels" from the property node.

Thank you.

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Use two property nodes. One for the cluster and one for the boolean. Concatenate the resulting strings.




Composite label.png

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