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phone call using LabVIEW

Can you tell me if we can make calls to a mobile number using LabVIEW. It might have to play a recorded message in the call. Is there any facility for doing this? I saw some posts related to this but they were old and also saw some related to skype calling. I would like to know if the skype calling works fine for a phone number and also plays a recorded message (voice). Can you please help with this?  

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There is nothing built into LabVIEW that would make this possible; you'll have to look into an external library or application. I've never needed this so I cannot suggest any particular tool. You should do a separate search (outside of LabVIEW forums) for a program that can make a phone call and play a message. Once you find such a tool, you could post back here with a link to the documentation if you have questions about how to call it from LabVIEW.

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Thank you so much for your response. I tried making call using skype in LabVIEW. It was working. But, is there any way to play a recorded message(voice) in the call?

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Please don't scam people with recorded messages, that's so annoying.

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If you don't mind a solution that's not purely in software, you might try wiring the headphone output to the sound input, and then you just need a way to play a sound from LabVIEW. I've never done this but I suspect it can be done simply (if nothing else, you can use System Exec to launch a separate audio player and specify the filename). I don't know how you would make sure that the call connected prior to playing the sound, you'll have to see if there's some way to determine that from the Skype interface. Also, if your computer doesn't have a "line" input but does have a microphone input, you might have to adjust the volume levels carefully to make it work.

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Am sorry, You must have mistaken.. This is not to scam and I don't intend to do that. I am just a student and am doing a project in which myself or my mate will have to recieve notification with required information through a phone call, in case an exception occurs.  

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ya.. I also thought of doing the same, but I am not sure how to coincide the time of attending the call with the time of playing the message. Has anyone tried  this before? 

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I did this many years ago (pre LabVIEW) in GWbasic using a modem with Hayes AT commands


I think we had a sound card to play sound files.


We also have used a SLIC (subscriber line interface circuits) Google

To play and record sounds over POTS


This was from the late 80's to mid 90's

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We use a Zoom 3095 USB modem to play pre-recorded .wav files and perform a simple interactive menu in LabVIEW.  Sound isn't great, but it is intelligible.  At the time, there wasn't a toolkit; that may have changed.



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