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Simulated device in MAX, self tests without error and has working Test Panels, but doesn't show up in DAQ assistant.

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I'm trying to create a development machine where we can test new code without using our physical hardware. I've followed this guide in setting up a simulated device. I can get to step 3.2b, but the device does not show up in the DAQ assistant. In MAX, the device self tests and self calibrates successfully, and when I open the test panels, I see some sort of signal. I assume this is a default simulated input since I haven't told the device to look for anything? Note that the two devices I'm trying to create show up in the Devices and Interfaces section, but that even after running Self-Calibrate, the Self-Calibration date is still unspecified.




When I try to test the device and create a voltage input according to the guide, I am unable to see either device in the DAQ task creator.




Steps 1 and 2 of this guide are obviously satisfied. Step 3 is not, but this is unsurprising since a simulated device wouldn't be found in the Device Manager anyways. Also, I am not running RT, so step 4 is satisfied.


Does anyone have any ideas?




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That would be because the PXI 5124 is a digitizer not a analog input device.  You need to use the NI SCOPE driver not NI DAQmx

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