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parallel port switcher

Hi all,

I have attached a parallel port switcher that I downloaded but I keep getting the error "manager call not supported" as attached.

How can I run/ use the attached vi? I have Labview 7 and Labview 8.5 installed, in my Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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Hi all,

I've soldered 3 LEDs to pin 2, pin 6 and pin 9 and pin 25 to ground. I need to control the on off of the 3 pins through Labview. I've modified an example I found in Labview as attached but there are things that I don't understand:

1. Why is it when I clicked both LED 18 and 22 on Labview, all my 3 LED on breadboard (connectted to pin 2,6,9) turned on?

2. Why is the "register write value" in Labview consists of 32 LEDs? How can I change it to may be 8 or 3 LED?

3. If I change the "register write value" to constant, what value or number should I insert to on/ off my LED?


Please advice.




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That subVI in your first message is fairly old and poorly written.  My installation of LV didn't even link to all of the subVI's.  I would recommend that you search the example finder for Parallel Port and use one of those examples as the basis of your code.
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