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myRIO not found

Hii, I want to getting started with myRIO 1900 and I follow the instructure in but I can't getting started with myRIO . the error program you can see this picture below. hope you cant help me. thanks

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Hello vivien.y,


It's a little unclear from your message, were you able to do any of the troubleshooting steps in the document you linked? What are you doing when you see the error message? Are the lights on in the myRIO showing that it's connected?

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I have taken the troubleshooting steps according to the document in the link. but myRIO is still not found on PC. error can be seen in the picture below. before connect to PC, color light status in myRIO is red color. after being connected to the PC , light status  is not on.

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Sounds like the device drivers are not loaded correctly.  Have you looked at Windows -> Device manager -> USB Devices?  Anything that says "myRIO"?  i am not  a myRIO expert but most USB issues are related to device drivers.



Try a different USB port

Don't use a USB HUB

Do a full shutdown and restart PC, then when fully booted, plug in USB to mtyRIO


Hope this helps,






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