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multiply constant to array

trying to multiply  constant to the waveform array output to get % of the results rather than raw voltage values ...
any suggestion?
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Please give us some indication where on this gigantic diagram you're trying to do the math. Or simply attach a small demo VI containing your waveform and a few relevant parts of the code.
What is the meaning of "% of results"? "% of max" maybe?
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It is the 'save data' case...

toward the bottom (after for loop), there are two 1-D arrays (waveform array & x offset) concatenated via build array...eventually writen in a text file...

when the file is written, there are two columns, time (with x increment) & voltage reading from the scope....I would like to multiply 100 into the voltage reading before it is written in a text file..

hope I am clear with my question.

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Well, then simply multiply the array by 100. Is this what you want?

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I tried this before and I was keep getting an error....
I should not connect the output before I wire the both the array and constant..
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well, I got an error with this VI...

once the 100 (constant) is multiplied, array output changes to 1-D...and cause a conflict passing to the 2-D input to write to the file...


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You changed the build array function to create a 1D array. Change it back.
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Right-click on the built-array node and uncheck "concatenate inputs". This node sometimes has a mind of it's own if you change inputs from arrays to scalars and back.
In this particular case, easiest would have been to simply right-click in the wire where you need to multiply and then select "insert....multiply", then add a DBL diagram constant of 100 and wire it to the remaining terminal.
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Thank you!
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