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Dear NI,

                    I am using Modbus- MB vi's, i trying to read a value from my device . my device has a baud rate : 19200, slave address: 2, and charformat: 8E1.


i cant able read the value using this vi's..... i tested with Modtest software. from that i defined all the above parameters and i used Holding registers to read the data, and given Register address is 40001.


Help me to read the data using Labview.....


send me the example program...


Balaji DP
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There are already examples in the Modbus library.


It would be easier if you posted your code with whatever parameters you are using saved as defaults in the controls.


What value did you put in the starting address field?  For a 40,001 register, you should have a 0 in the field.

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Sending the Modbus command using LabVIEW is pretty trivial, you can use the Advanded Serial Write/Read Shipping example to do it (assuming you sending it out over your serial port).  It sounds to me like you are having trouble sending the correct command or generating the correct CRC-16.  For either of these you will probably need to either read the manual or contact customer support for the device you are trying to talk to.
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