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mathscript node vs formula node


What is the difference between a MathScript node and a Formula node?

They look like they have the same function. 

Cory K
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Looks can be deceiving. Smiley Wink  Have you looked in the LabVIEW Help? Both of those nodes are fully explained in there. The Formula Node is for entering C-like code. The MathScript Node is for entering Matlab-like code.
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Hi Teacher,


Which one is better integrated with LabVIEW, native to LabVIEW, and runs faster?  I am writing instrument driver.  If one of my customers has a only got a base-licence, he will not be able to run something writen by Mathscript.  Can he run if driver is writen by formula?


Thank you.

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Hi quig_shan61,


The Formula Node is included in the base package.    If you ever need to find out which VI is included in the different LabVIEW packages, you can look in the LabVIEW help.   At the top of the help document, it saves which LabVIEW package the VI needs.


Hope this helps,


Starla T. 

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What do you need to do with an instrument driver that would require either and that you cannot do in pure LabVIEW code?

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