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System exec: automatically copy data from many files to one file with command: "copy *.txt to bigfile.txt"

Hello together,

My English isn´t the best, but I hope I could explain my problem.

I use command mode to copy many files to one file (big one) to analyse data.

In command mode I could use "copy *.txt newfile.txt"

then i´ve all files with the extension .txt in the newfile.txt!


I want to do this automatically by LabVIEW.with the system 

WIN7  LabVIEW 2009.

I get Error2 back.

It sounds easy, but It doesn´t work. 

Could anyone help, maybe with short excamplecode?

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The help for System exec tell you to place a "cmd /c" before a DOS commmand.


Did you do that?

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Rather than use SystemExec, you could just use LabVIEW native code.

You just want to append several files into one large file?


You could just use the 'write to text file' and 'read from text file' VIs


Cory K
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As Cory mentioned, this could be done in LabVIEW.


That said, please note that you have to supply the full path to your files in your command line with System Exec.

The "Path" input for System Exec will not provide the path as one might expect.


See this post:


The error 2 that you get from System Exec is most likely "file not found".



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