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libraries used by LabVIEW

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I have a program which makes use of VIs in the Point by Point, Measurement Analysis, and Advanced Analysis libraries.


Is there a way to list those VIs?


We originally purchased the Base version and have temporarily been given 60 days trial for the Full version.

I want to know be able to list all of those VIs are from the Full version.

I hope that makes sense.




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Accepted by topic author nyc_(is_out_of_here)

This isn't a solution, but it could help.  If you add your top level VI to a project (Project >> New Project - Add) then in the project the Files view can show you all the dependencies and where they are on disk.  If you can know where the libraries are that use these analysis VIs, then you can know what ones you are using.

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That worked.


I can see in the Dependencies that some items under the expanded vi.lib are NI_MAPro.lvlib, NI_AALPRo.lvlib, etc.


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