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counication labview PLC s7 200 problem

I'm making an application you need to communicate effectively a PLC S7-200 CPU 224. To this I am using the NI OPC server with the driver for the PPI interface and connect Labview (version 8.6) by the OPC I / O library and shared variables. The problem I have is that trying to read and / or writes to a variable from the VI this is done in a very slow afternoon up to 10 seconds to update a value and sometimes the server is released and stops the program implementation. But if I try to force the variable from the system manager if I distruted the variables are updated at the desired speed. writing of the variable should be performed by assigning a contrast to the shared variable from a loop whilw. Thank you for your assistance in solving this problem, thank you very much

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i want your help,, i have read  your comment ,,,, so plz help me out in following issues:


1.  which cable is used in interfacing between s7 200 cpu 224 and ni opc server ( is it the same pc/ppi cable)


2. can you provide tutorial regarding this interfacing and further procedure .?



i shall be very thankful to you

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Hello ammahechaga,


The following link may help you:


LabVIEW DSC Module OPC Client Performance Considerations:

Best regards.

David P.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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