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When I compile a labview fpga VI, (my version of labview fpga is 2014), I get the compilation error Xilinx 10.1 tools not found.


But for labview 2014, Xilinx 14.7 version is the compatible one and that i have installed. But still it asks for Xilinx version 10.1. I tried it both with CompactRIO configured and also a vi without hardware.Same thing repeated each time. 


What can be problem? Please help me.




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Accepted by topic author Lahari

What FPGA target are you using? I think for Virtex 2 targets the Xilinx 10.1 tools are used.

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Thank You. I checked it now, I need to install 10.1 versio now.


But then wont there be a conflict between the two versions? or should I uninstall the 14.7 version???

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No need to uninstall, you can have both versions in parallel. LabVIEW will pick the Xilinx compiler suited for the FPGA target.


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Yes many versions of Xilinx can be installed at once.  In the future use a more descriptive title.


  • Have a useful title.  The title of your question should never be "labview" for "fpga".  Your title should also not be a paragraph.  It should be a quick summary of the topics your post is going to discuss.


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Okay, i future I will come up with better descriptive titles.


Thank You and apologies for the now inconvenience.

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 Thanks a lot.

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