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labview drivers for Prisma QMS

Hi there,


I have a PRISMA-Plus here too and I can easily access OPC via the Softing OPC Demo Cilent. However, if I go to Labview I cannot connect to PrismaPlus? What should I use as URL for DataSocket-Connection in Labview?


If I thy to browse to the device in the LabView "Browse to OPC" I cant find anything about my device! But if I use Softing OPC Demo Client and type in the IP of my device I got perfect connection and can read and set values!!


Has anyone an idea for me?


Thanks in advance,



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As labview with datasoket does not allow remote access your OPC server it is neccessary to fake the access to simulate a local OPC server on the PC.

This is possible by adding some registry keys on your local PC.

Attached is a file which helps you to make this simulation.

Just rename the extension from *.txt to *.reg, then you can add it to your registry.

I was not allowed to attach a *.reg file here in the forum.


This should help that it works with datasoket.

But note !


I am not sure if you are really happy with the datasoket solution as there are some whitepapers telling that datasoket should only be used if you have only a few OPC items.

I don't know what a few means, but out solution is the softing OPC toolbox .net.

The problem it is not a cheap or free solution.

If you only want to do some settings and the start a (slow) measurement it should be also possible that it works with datasoket.


Hope you are sucessful


Best regards



Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Thanks Gernot for are your help!!


What do you mean by slow "measurement"? What would you say are the limitaions?

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Our current project forces us to read measurement data every 20ms which I think is fast, and there are also some delay problems sometimes.


I don't know any details about the datasocket performance. I only read some knowlegebase entrys two years ago and decided to use the Sofing Toolbox to be sure not to run into some datasocked limitations.

So I never tried where are the real limitations.


I only know that there is the so called Labview DSC module which is build for huge OPC projects.

The problem is that the DSC on developement computers works perfectly and is very easy to use but it is(was at this time) not possible to build stand alone application without paying a large fee for any application.


I also think DSC would be perfect but even a little bit too much for only controlling this tiny quadrupole instrument.





Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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The Experience we had with DSC and Prisma Plus is... we couldnt acquire data from multiple Mass Spectrometers. At a time we can register only one Mass Spectrometer.



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Hi guys, i have had many meeting with the pfeiffer guys about this particular problem. The facts are you can use the pfeiffer OPC server and Labview to get the ion current values. If you require the concentration values, ive been told to go the visual route and get the values using the quadera program(but remember quadera is 32 bit and will not work on 64 bit machines). The other option is to start from scratch and get the concentration values by calculating them yourself e.g u need the subtracted values like background, detector values etc. But it would be very time consuming and probably need more than one person to complete the task.



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Hi, where do I find the pfeiffer OPC server?

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Hi, OPC server is on the mass spec electronics or your can use the simulation opc server built into the quadera software when installed.



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Thank you very much for your help nottilie !!!


Everything works fine for me. I can measure spectra and even got the ring buffer handled now! For all people thinking LabView (DSC) wolud be too slow for fast measurements just let me tell you: Take use of the ring buffer! It's a very nice and powerfull tool and you can be sure not to loose even one single data packet!


However, there is a new challenge I'm currently faced with: 


I have TWO Prismas that I what to controll from ONE LabView-Interface! I tried hard to modifiy the "REG"-File you gave me but it seems to be harder than I thought! I guess the main point is the fact that the OPC-Server on both devices has the same "ID" (4841A238-5E78-48AB-A9ED-666AD68F4841).


Can you give me some advise or work-around for that issue?


Best regards,



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hello Pepe,


I'm a bit a novice at this. Could you give me a quick crash-curse how to set up the OPC-Server-stuff correctly. It does not really seem to work for me.



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