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labview drivers for Prisma QMS

Dear Pepe


I am sorry but I have no idea how to manage multiple QMS by using the datasocket connection which neccessaryly needs to add the registry entry to simulate the QMS OPC server to be locale.


We are using the softing OPC toolbox for .NET where we have all the communication by using the .NET dll from the toolbox within labview.

There we do not need to simulate a local OPC server by using the registry entry. 


With this tool it would also be possible to connect to multiple QMS as they are identified by their IP adress and not th registry entry.


Sorry that I have no solution for the registry entry methode.


Best regards



Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Very helpful discussion, thanks.  We are trying to connect Prisma Plus with a labVIEW based automation code. The group I am working with has a university site license and therefore access to Datalogging and Supervisory Control toolkit.  I had their electronics unit and was able to communicate with the device using labVIEW DSC and Softing Demo Client alike with my development computer running WIN7 32-bit OS.


The lab computers onto which I am trying to install the software are WIN7 Pro 64  bit OS.   


I have done the registry update as described earlier in this thread. I also added "ole.Authnlevel=1" to the LabVIEW.ini file. However, in the Softing Demo Client shows the QMG220 OPC server is only available under Data Access V1.  V2 and V3 have the QMG220 and QMG700 simulators that installed with Quadera (FYI we are running quadera 4.5 with the appropriate firmware).  I can change parameters with quadera  4.5 and see appropriate changes in the Data Access V1 variables on the 64 bit OS using the softing demo client.  However the QMG220 hardware is not displayed as a registered server when I try to add an new OPC Client I/O server to my LabVIEW project. It appears that LabVIEW only recognizes servers that are data access V3, is this correct?


My experience with the functionality on the 32-bit operating system rules out a firmware issue with respect to broadcasting V2, V3 data


So my questions are: 

(a) is this a 32-bit v. 64-bit registry problem?

(b) has anyone else experienced this?

(c) does anyone have a fix for this?


Thanks in advance for your help.



Thanks in advance.

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I am sorry but we have no soution about your problem.

Have you put in the IP address manually into the democlients field at computername and adress (see screenshot)



and then DA browse.


We uses the Toolbox demo client frequently and usually there are no major problems, expect firewall and DCOM settings.



Sorry for just a statement and no solution.



Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Hi Pepe1981


Like you I have actually  also 2 PrismaPlus device, I want to connect over OPC-Server (OPC-Server DA) ?


Did you at that time find a solution ?



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Thanks Gernot for your help!!

Joe Smith
The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it.
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Hi Gernot,


I would really appreciate some fundamental communication VI's - for the QMG220 if you have them. I am new to LabVIEW and some functioning VI's would really help me get my head around this. Could you also try to explain the necessity of .NET over the classical OPC demo client from Softing?


Thank you very much,


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Hi Brian


We use the Softing .NET OPC Toolbox 4.4.

The Toolbox is required to have the .NET library which makes the fundamental OPC communication.

The softing OPC demo client is just a "Demo Client" which can be used to establish an OPC connection and see some Items of your OPC server.


If you do anything with remote OPC as communication with QMG 220 you need to add the following line to your LABVIEW.ini and if you build an application to your APPLICATION.INI .




If you don't put in this line labview will never establish an OPC connection through Softing .NET API in Labview.


Here I have attached some fundamental vi's which can give you a first step to connect to your Prisma Plus.

Keep in mind that there may be missing some vi's as it is not so easy for us to extract it from the whole project.

It should give you only an idea how it works.



Hope this helps a little

Best regards


Gernot Hanel

IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.


Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Thanks very much for labview drivers for Prisma QMS--- It work but still need one dll file Can I take "TBN40.dll "from you? thanks very very much!!!
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I am very sorry but the TBN40.dll is part of the softing OPC toolkit.


This is part of a licenced software from softing. Therefore I cannot transfer this dll.


The example in my last post was not thought to be a working thing but an example how it can look like.




Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Could you give me a link to the product: " Softing .NET OPC Toolbox 4.4."? I have searched, but it was not clear from the big list, what package I need for LabVIEW. I need very basic functionality from LV: read the preconfigured ion currents from the scans at a 1Hz rate. Also I will need to build an exe from my project, and run it from the development PC. I am going to ask for a quote from the company, but I am curious, if you are allowed to tell, what is the order of magnitude in EUR? Thanks!
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