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invalid template

I am trying to create a new image templates in LabVIEW using vision VI, the problem i am facing is when i use those templates for pattern match algorithm i get an error message of invalid template.
i read knowledge base and used write image and vision info VI for saving template but still it is not working.
If any one has faced same problem and found a solution please reply.
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Hi Komal,
    I have a few questions about your program.  First off, how exactly are you creating your template mage?  What VIs are you using to do so?  Second, what pattern match VIs are you using?  If I can get an idea of what your program does it will help, or if you can attach the simplest program that reproduces the issue.  Thank you!
-Allison S.
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Hi Allison,

I am using IVA extract mask for creting Temlpate and store it usin Write image file and info.

for pattern matching IVA pattern match algorithm. all in LV 8.2.1 and VDM 8.2.1




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    It looks like from the names of the VIs your are referencing, that they were created in Vision Assistant.  Did you create a sequence in Vision Assistant and then port it to LabVIEW?  If so, did you change you code after it was ported to LabVIEW?  If so, there may be dependencies that are no longer being met.  Let me know what process you went through to get to the current state of your code.  I'll see if I can reproduce it on my end.  Thanks!

-Allison S.
Calibration Services
Product Support Engineer
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