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instant time

how to capture instant time of plugging a wire & viceversa using labview code.

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Where does the wire connect to and how is LabVIEW supposed to know about it?

Are you connecting to a DAQ device, for example?

More details please!

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actually wire is a multidrop cable which is used to connect different devices .. in my set up it is connecting a profi-master and profi-slave 



when i remove the connector from slave & i need to capture the time by labview code also

when i again plug-in the connector to slave then i need to capture the time by labview code .


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You really need to work on formatting your questions so we don't all waste our time guessing what you want. Be specific.


I assume you're talking about the PROFIBUS communication cables???   I've never used it but a quick search indicated there are built in diagnostics that can monitor the connection.  Have you looked into that?  How accurate does the timing need to be?  It this a RT or FPGA system?

LabVIEW Pro Dev & Measurement Studio Pro (VS Pro) 2019
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