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how to simulate microcontroller in lab view

i want to know how to simulate microcontrollers in lab view........i just want to see output on pins of my microcontroller
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LabVIEW itself does not have any simulation tools built in but there is the Multisim schematic capture/circuit simulation tool with links to LabVIEW.
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Is there any any recent update for this thread? Will we be able to effectively simulate a microcontroller using LabVIEW? Is Control Design and Simulation toolkit a better tool for that simulation? I could only find examples which mostly deals with windmill, auroplanes, etc.

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What are you asking here?  Simulate at what level?  LabVIEW can easily read digital inputs and drive digital outputs on a DAQ card.  To simulate a microcontroller, you'd need to duplicate the microcontroller's logic .  This can be done, too, of course, but you'd have to do the translation from the microcontroller code into LabVIEW.  It probably won't be as fast as the microcontroller, though.

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I am sorry for not putting the question right, You understood it right, to some extend. I have to simulate the inputs to a microcontroller, simulate its configuration which would ideally go into the registers in the controllers and simulate the output depending on the input and the configuration. I can do it in labview, but will be time consuming. Guessing that simulating a controller will an universal need, wanted to know if we have a toolkit readily available, for these kind of needs. Which will reduce the time i spend on building the state machine. 

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Why are you trying to simulate the microcontroller in LabVIEW, rather than connecting the actual microcontroller?  There are so many varieties of microcontroller that there's no way there could be a toolkit that would be useful for simulating all of them, or even probably a useful subset of them.  I can understand using LabVIEW to simulate the inputs and verify that the outputs are correct, but trying to simulate the controller itself seems like an enormous and not very useful undertaking.  If it doesn't work, how will you know whether the error is in your simulator or in your logic?  If it's in the logic and you fix it, will you remember to make the same change in the microcontroller's source code (which, it is safe to assume, is not written in LabVIEW)?

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