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how to get rid of unnecessary info in write to measurement file column headers

Hi all,


I am using the write to measurement file VI to print data to an LVM file. I would like the printed data to look like this:


Volts                 Amps            Elapsed Time (ms)    Untitled   
    0.000000    2.430015E-9     44.000000                 1.000000
   -2.000000   -1.996195E-6     13141.000000           -1.000000
    0.000000    2.439286E-9     13462.000000           -1.000000
    0.000000    2.430883E-9     13722.000000            0.000000


But instead it looks like this:


LabVIEW Measurement   
Writer_Version    2
Reader_Version    2
Separator    Tab
Decimal_Separator    .
Multi_Headings    No
X_Columns    No
Time_Pref    Relative
Operator    edale
Date    2011/10/07
Time    09:52:06.45255279541015625
Channels    4               
Samples    1    1    1    1   
Date    2011/10/07    2011/10/07    2011/10/07    2011/10/07   
Time    09:52:06.45255279541015625    09:52:06.45255279541015625    09:52:06.45255279541015625    09:52:06.45255279541015625   
X_Dimension    Time    Time    Time    Time   
X0    0.0000000000000000E+0    0.0000000000000000E+0    0.0000000000000000E+0    0.0000000000000000E+0   
Delta_X    1.000000    1.000000    1.000000    1.000000   
X_Value    Volts    Amps    Elapsed Time (ms)    Untitled    Comment
    0.000000    2.430015E-9    44.000000    1.000000
    -2.000000    -1.996195E-6    13141.000000    -1.000000
    0.000000    2.439286E-9    13462.000000    -1.000000
    0.000000    2.430883E-9    13722.000000    0.000000





How can I get rid of unnecessary info in my headers?


I've attached a copy of my VI to this post.


Thanks for your help.

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I'm assuming you've tried all of the different options when you configure the express VI. That being the case, you should just skip using the Write to Measurement File. It is purposely designed for a limited number of options and it is not a trivial task to edit the function. Much simpler to use some of the lower level file i/o functions such as Write to Spreadsheet File or Write to Text File.

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Thanks for the help. I'll give it a try and let you know if it works.


I had a feeling there was a much easier way to do this.

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