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how to connect USB-ERB24 device to labview application

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Hi iam new to labview, iam developing application by using NIUSB-9421 as input module and USB-ERB24 as output module. I sucessfully added NIUSB-9421module to my application by using  "Digital IO DAQmx Create Virtual". But iam unable to add USB-ERB24 this module. Can anyone please tell me how to detect     "USB-ERB24" this module to my labview application please tell me.......

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I don't think you will be able to use DAQmx with MCC USB-ERB24. You need to run InstaCal (the driver from MCC) to install the USB-ERB24 and obtain a board number for this device (and build your application with the MCC VIs).





I only have LV2009 and I am not able to open your  The attachment is for USB-ERB24.



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Please visit this link and try. It might work

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In the same way can u plse tell how to connect NI USB-9421 device to labview application

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After downloading the MCC DAQ CD, please install ULx for LabVIEW which shall be prompted by the installer. After doing so, you will find MCC vis under Functions Palette>User Libraries>UL Extensions. There you will find all the VIs for creating tasks and performing operations upon the created task, similar to DAQmx. I am attaching a vi similar to the VI you had submitted using UL vis.

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Thanks for the response.


can u please tell me by using or in the same way like O/po module how u told like that, for NI USB-9421 module for this module having 8 outputs, can u send vi like previously  how u sended

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For the device you have mentioned DAQmx cannot be used and it would not recognize the device. So, you have to use the ULx VIs inside LabVIEW. And for O/P click upon the create channel VI, and select Digital output. Also add UL write after UL start and write the value which you want to output. You have to use ULx for the process, DAQmx will not work.

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Hi Thanks for response, iam having another query, Iam developing one GUI, in that GUI screen  two buttons are there (SUBMIT and CANCEL). Can u please send any example containing those two buttons with backend code, iam attaching file.

 According to attachment can u please tell me how to submit and cancel after execution.


Thanks & Regards


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This takes care of Submit and Cancel

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Hi ,

Thanks for response, here iam having one doubt can you please tell me?


Iam developing one application by using NI USB-9421 and USB ERB24. Now my problem is in that GUI i have to write and display

 1) Test case number and 2)Tester name and

3) i have to save each and every output with time and date including with  "Test case number" and "Tester name" . Iam sending attachment can u please find and update above mentioned points




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