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A question related to error 50103

Hi everyone,


I meet with the famous error 50103" specified resource is reserved" in a retriggerable data acquisition on PCI6110, when I am trying to configure 1 AI input and 2 counter output.


Four tasks are involved:

1. Use the freqout to generate one continuous pulse train

2. Divide the frequency of this pulse train and generate a new continuous pulse train as the trigger

3. Generate a finite pulse train after every falling edge of the trigger. This finite pulse train is connected to AI sample clock.

4. Continuously acquire data


In this application, how could I configure all the ports and avoid the 50103 error?


Thank you all.



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HI Hall,


I think you can get this to work by combining the first two tasks that you have. You can use freqout to divide down the pulse train you are generating. As I am seeing it know you have two task, 1 generating a pulse train from freqout, and the other dividing down that pulse train with a counter. YOu should be able to just use freqout for the pulse train. Since you are going to be using a finite pulse train, which reserves 2 counters, you need to make sure you are not using another counter for the continuous pulse train. Let me know if I misunderstood how your application was set up. Have a great day! 


Best Regards,


Adam G 

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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