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graph property node

As attached graph, I have two Y-axis, two sets of data. I am able to modify the right axis/data color/name/name color using actYscl=1, plot.color, yscale.namelbl.textcolor, yscale.textcolor,, yscale.namelbl.text

however, the problem is when i set actYscl = 0, these properties are not all belong to left axis. for example, the yscale.namelbl.text is left axis, but is the wrong one, and also the data color is changed on right axis, not left axis. how do i change the color on curved data, not on triangle data? and how to change the top plot name, not the second one?

thank you very much!

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Hello DGU,

just like the scales, plots (and cursors) have an 'active #' property, with this property you can access the settings of the different plots AND you can move a plot from one scale to another. So this is what you should do:


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