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Hi! I have a problemi with a VI that acquires and writes signals on a cFP-2010 module.

I created a small subVI that lets me see when the values of pressures from 2 different transducers are equal.

(I took a snapshot, it's named "pressures"). Then, I have to open/close some valves according to the values of the signals.

I would like to do so with a case structure, so I thought of creating a boolean array, converting it to a number and use that

as the case selector of the case structures. Before doing that, I wrote a subVI that lets me se which number corresponds to each case

(it's the jpeg named boolean array).

However, as I put it in the main VI, I experienced a problem: the VI acquires data every 4 seconds instead of 1 (which is the time of execution

of the while cycle of the main VI, which I set by using a "wait until next ms" function.

Where is the problem?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hello Turillo,


to understad it better could you attach your main VI?

I think that the problema should be there.


Thank you,



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Sure Valerio,

here it is...Unfortunately, it's made up of quite a lot of subVIs...

Anyway, I hope attaching it could help... 🙂

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