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NI IMAQ 1409 problem after upgrade to windows 7

Long time ago in my company a program was writtin for analysing PAL/NTSC camera's.

Unfortunately, the source code was lost, and all we have left is the executable.


We recently upgraded the PC to a new one with windows 7, but now the program will not run.


If we try to get images in NI-MAX, all is well.

I can select the .iid file and matching .icd file, and then grab or snap images.


But when I drive our program, it is not able to obtain images, and comes back with an error that it is not able to find the camera.

(Unfortunately no error code, as the error is caught and translated...)


As I cannot dive into the code, does anyone have any tips on how to get it running?

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What kind of camera are you using? Ethernet, Firewire? Can you look in your Device Manager and see what driver have you there installed?



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We are using a "very" old HTH MX camera running in CCIR mode.

The IMAQ 1409 is an analog grabber.


Yes, the camera is recognized in NI-MAX and as mentioned I can grab from it.

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Have you tried installing again Vision Acquisition ?


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Hello Arend,


Without access to the source code or the actual error this might prove to be quite difficult troubleshooting.

Can you provide me with a MAX Report?


This will allow me to check which software versions you are exactly running


Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,
Thierry C - CLA, CTA - Senior R&D Engineer (Former Support Engineer) - National Instruments
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