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i had a NI 9505 module, after to start to work with it, it made a sond and does´t work anymor, somebody can tell me why this can happen?

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Hi Rockdrigo


Well. Could you can check the status of the leds ? Because this could help us to understand where is the problem.  Look check the info about what means each led:


1 Power (green)
2 VSUP (Motor Power) (green)
3 Disable (yellow)
4 Fault (red)


- The Power LED (green) illuminates when the NI 9505 is properly inserted into a powered chassis.

- The VSUP LED (green) illuminates when the motor DC power supply is properly connected and powering the drive.

- The Disable LED (yellow) illuminates when the drive is disabled. The drive is disabled by default at power-on. You can enable the drive using the Enable Drive method in software.


If the Fault LED is lit, determine the cause of the fault and correct it before enabling the drive.
The Fault LED (red) illuminates when a fault occurs. A fault disables the drive. Causes for fault are the following:
Caution VSUP greater than 40 V will result in damage to the NI 9505.
• Overvoltage
• Undervoltage



Please check which is the case of your module.

Jaime M
AE México
National Instruments

...porque soy de aquí y de todas partes; he venido en pos de compartir...
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