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execute an applescript with labview 7.1

Is it possible to execute an applescript with labview? In my opinion an applescript isn´t a appleevent or? So i can´t execute the script. Is there a possibility to communicate with programms on the macintosh? I want to start a applescript with labview and want to read the information from the .txt file which the script writes also with labview. The reading from the .txt file is no problem but to start the script....I found a file which can do scripts. but something is strange with the file. It would be nice if someone could have a look to file and correct it or maybe have good tips for me.

Thanks a lot

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Your VI is missing the CIN resource file. The error message says:

"This Code Interface Node has no code to execute. Right-click the node, select Load Code Resource from the shortcut menu, and select the object code file (.lsb)."

In LV7.1 there is an Apple event vi called AESend Do at Functions >> Communications >> Apple Events. It sends a script to a scriptable application. I have not used Apple events much so I really cannot help you beyond this point.

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