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error 50103

Hey guys,

I know there are numerous posts on this topic, but I couldn't find one like my example. I am trying to gather data from two load cells at the same time and display the results using labview. I tried to set the DAQ assistant up the same way I would to gather data using 1 load cell. When I try to run it i was encountering error 50103.


I attached two different pictures of the VIs I am trying to run, just trying to figure out how to solve the error.


The first one was using a filter to filter out noise and then round the results and display them in the waveform graph


Second one I am trying to read out the data to split it and see what type of data was being recorded and what not.


If you need more info or got any ideas on how to help me PLEASE 🙂 post below. or email me @


Its for my group's senior design project, which is for a hand manipulandum to measure grip strength of stroke patients and other disabled people. The load cells are inside this gripper that we created and will be measuring the grip strength.

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Check case 4 of this document:


Can you tell me the model of your DAQ card?



Aldo H
Ingenieria de Aplicaciones
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When I go and work on it tomorrow at school I will be able to tell you the model of the DAQ card. thanks for the response.

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You are a senior and you don't know how to take a screen shot and save it in paint? You have not read in any of those posts that you CANNOT use 2 DAQ Assistants?
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The computer im working on doesnt have internet access so i just used my phone to take a picture of it... so thanks for helping dennis.


I'm trying to get the data from both load cells using labview with 1 VI.

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