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error 1195 .net


I am developing a program which will email an attachment to an address provided. I tried to use OGIC_SMTP but I am having problems. I instead want to use .net which is easier. But I receive an error which says I must install .Net framework 1.1 sp1 or later. This is already installed and I am using win 7...


Thank you

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You seem to have asked this question on several different threads.


In those threads you provided 2 key pieces of information:

  1. You are using LabVIEW 8.2.1.
  2. You are referring to missing properties and methods.

You did not show what code you are using, so there is no way to debug your problem. You also did not indicate what "problems" you were having with the OGIC_SMTP library. So, all that I can tell you is that LabVIEW 8.2.1 is not supported on Windows 7. There is no way to know what will and won't work. If you provide some information as to what exactly you are doing then a more specific answer can be provided.


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Thank you for your reply;


email.png shows the code I am trying to use and email_error.png is what I am getting. The code should work just fine for win 7 also but I am not a pro in Labview.

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