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dll framework runtime problem



I would like to use a DLL .NET, but the popup below appears: "this assembly has been constructed with a more recent runtime than the presently loaded one and thus cannot be loaded"


given that my framework is 4.5 only, I decided to install 4.6.2. but the problem is still present.


in your opinion, what are the causes of my problem:

-dose a specific runtime have to be installed, and not only the last one?

-is there some plugin to install in labview?


dll mauvais runtime.png


thanks in advance for your reply

Pierre FCentum TNS, Grenoble
Certified LabVIEW Associated Developer
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Hello Pierre,

If you didn't find any solution for your problem, may you share the DLL you are using with the version of labview in order to trying to recreate the situation ?

have a nice day

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The exception System.BadImageFormatException has a description (MSDN😞

The exception that is thrown when the file image of a dynamic link library (DLL) or an executable program is invalid.


If you look at the remarks, you'll might get some ideas.


I'd suspect this one (the .dll is no .NET dll at all):

You try to load an unmanaged dynamic link library or executable (such as a Windows system DLL) as if it were a .NET Framework assembly. The following example illustrates this by using the Assembly.LoadFile method to load Kernel32.dll.


Or this one (using LV 32-bit, but the dll is 64-bit only):

A DLL or executable is loaded as a 64-bit assembly, but it contains 32-bit features or resources. For example, it relies on COM interop or calls methods in a 32-bit dynamic link library.

Regards, Wiebe.

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