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Hysteresis Graph DAQ

Hi all, I have got pretty far with creating a hysteresis graph set up but no matter what I do I can not seem to increase the amount of readings ie create a smoother graph, it will only take a sample reading every 0.5 second, I have played with the DAQ MX sample clock for ages, changing the sample mode and rate but makes little different apart from recording more of the same sample in TDMS and still at 0.5s, intervals, obviously I want lots of data points to produce a nice smooth graph not a very badly drawn dot to dot.

I have also created a zero deflection button so I can use a offset on each of the scales, this works well but unsure how to get the graph to also reset the scale, am I using the wrong type of graph perhaps?

If anyone can help that would be appreciated, also if you notice anything else with my program that I could benefit from to make it smoother etc I am all ears,

Thanks in advance


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Hi MagpieSwift, 

How are you getting on? Have you checked out some of the Community examples and forums like here or here?

Hope this helps, 



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I had a look at those links and simplified my hysteresis to the attached now but still its sample rate is really slow despite trying to speed things up, maybe I am restricted by hardware? I am using a NI9219 for both load cell and linear transducer

As you can see from my screen grab its a bit lumpy I could really do with some more data being sampled.

Any thoughts?


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