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different voltage readings

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Hi community members,


I recently put together a program using LabView 8.0 that runs on my Dell laptop computer

I am continuously collecting data from four different channels - Ai in., 100Hz, 100s/channel

I am collecting data from:


1) Linear encoder #1

2) Linear encoder #2

3) Load cell output, after signal conditioning - always in tension, so voltage output is always positive

4) Load cell excitation voltage - DC


My questions:

A) For some reason the voltage that I read with a DMM directly on (4) w.r.t. Ground is off by 2v. All other voltages are not offset. Why?

B) When I run the program on a Sony Vio laptop, signals from (3) are very noisy +/- .2V. Why? All other signals the same, (4) is still offset by 2v.


Thank you for your attention and any valuable input



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Hi Erick,

      Sometimes it's simplest to use the Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX.) to get things working.  There you can setup a quick Data-acq. (for NI hardware.)  Do you use differential-input mode?  Is the load-cell output DC?  If yes to both, then it is surprising that the DMM measures differently than the DAQ-device.


Open MAX (Start\Programs\NI\Measure...), find your (NI) hardware, open test-panel...


If the problem isn't solved by using differential-inputs - what NI-DAQ hardware is connected?



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Yes! you are right, I did have my measurment mode set to single ended. I changed it to differential and it works like a charm.


Thank you tbd 

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Very happy to hear it - thanks Erick. Smiley Happy


"Inside every large program is a small program struggling to get out." (attributed to Tony Hoare)
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