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delete 0 from array

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how do i delete the 0s from this array? Its been a while and I am still trying to learn how to do this. thanks



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Just right click the element.  I think it's under data operations delete element.

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Right Click on the element, go to data operations, choose delete.



Mark Ramsdale
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i have another subvi that creates this array.

i just need to delete 0s somehow.

i need to write a loop to delete it but nothing seems to work

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HINT: For Loop, case structure, build array, shift register, "Equal to 0?"

Certified LabVIEW Architect 2013
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Please post what you have tried.


I would recommend you look at the help files for "Search 1D Array" and "Delete from Array".


I would also recommend you do a forum search.

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here is a snippet to do that.  Copy to desktop and drag onto VI.


Remove zero.png

Mark Ramsdale
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Do you only need to delete from the beginning (all up to the first non-zero value) or throughout the entire array?


If the former, use a for loop with the termination set to exit when a non-zero value is found.  Take the iteration, feed that into a subarray primitive.


If the latter, use the Search 1D Array function to find the 0s and Delete from Array to remove the elements.

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Mark,  the appropriate function to use in 99% of the cases is Build Array, not Insert into Array.

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Agreed, thanks for the reminder Smiley Happy

Mark Ramsdale
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